I love my family and have enjoyed watching the kids grow and was looking forward to settling into a nice quiet routine in my middle age. But just when the kids seemed to have finally outgrown games like ?dress-up-doggie? and other such tiresome activities, much to my surprise a new baby has joined the family! This is not what I had signed up for, and quite frankly I have put my time in and have had enough of the ?pull-doggy?s-ears and legs fiasco! I have been a loving and devoted companion to my family, but now I want a quiet place to curl up with a loved one under a cozy quilt- not hide in my kennel- the only place safe from prying toddler fingers. I am sweet and gentle by nature and would never dream of snapping to defend myself so I retreat to my bed or grin and bear it while I am literally walked over.
While mature at 10 years old, I imagine I have a lot of good years left as I am in excellent health and others of my breed have been known to live well into their second decade. I deserve time now for me. I enjoy walks and treats. I get along well with cats and wouldn?t even mind to have a feline roommate or two. I even get along well with kids and other dogs but really just prefer to visit them, not share my home with them. I am seeking a calm predictable environment with a loved one to snuggle on the couch with. I don?t like the cold weather but love a good run off-leash in the summer time. If you think you could provide what I need please don?t hesitate to contact me.